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Allergen Info

While our products are free of peanuts and tree nuts they DO contain the following allergens: wheat, dairy, egg, soy and corn.

Products can be made without wheat, dairy, egg, corn or soy but unfortunately our kitchen is not an allergen free environment for these ingredients. We will make every effort to prevent cross contamination but can not guarantee it. 

Each Dreamy Desserts order or purchase is packaged or boxed consistent with practices to minimize risk of cross contact or contamination once delivered. Safety is our priority but be advised that upon successful delivery Dreamy Desserts, its employees, owners, or assigns, are not responsible for alteration, including but not limited to improper storage, service with contaminated utensils, and addition of decorations or candles which may change the nature of the purchased product.

Please read and review final order information and confirm your concerns and/or allergens with Dreamy Desserts in writing prior to taking delivery as there are no warranties, express or implied, about the specific safety of our products as Dreamy Desserts relies on representations of suppliers as well as customers about their needs. For example, where an egg or dairy free can be accommodated, a purchaser is informed and aware that Dreamy Desserts is a peanut and tree nut free bakery and other ingredients do exist in our bakery.


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