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Super Easy Picnic Cupcakes Anyone Could Make

Perfect Picnic cupcakes SO EASY even a Preschooler could make

Itís that time of year when the warm weather is in full swing and picnics with friends are on the calendar. Impress your friends with these perfect picnic cupcakes that are just as easy to make as they look cute.

Start with some vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. The vanilla will be for the Popsicle cupcakes and the chocolate for the BBQ cupcakes.

For the Popsicle cupcakes use whatever you have handy and cover the top of the cupcake with vanilla icing. I used a butter knife. Take some confetti sprinkles and pour them in a bowl. Taking a few at a time, sprinkle the confetti around the edges of the cupcake. To make the popsicle, cut a toothpick in half and insert into the bottom of two matching color Mike & Ike candies. Place them next to each other on top of the cupcake.

For the BBQ cupcake ice the top of the chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing. If itís not smooth, itís OK , you can cover any imperfections with red and orange sugar that you will sprinkle on top, this will be your flames. Then take a tube of black Wilton piping gel and draw your grill lines. Then take 4 red Mike & Ike candies and place them on your grill. Using the black piping gel draw some grill marks on your hot dogs.

Ta dah!!! Your done. Wasnít that super easy and it didnít require any special skills or tools. Wonít your friends admire your decorating skills at the next picnic:)


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