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Back to School Treats for Food Allergic Kids

It's that time of year again, time to send the kids back to school. As exciting as that can be, if you're a food allergy parent that means bracing yourself for the upcoming parade of classroom celebrations. Most teachers are pretty good about letting us parents know when cupcakes or donuts or whatever else is about to invade the classroom, but there's bound to be a time or two or ten when treats arrive without our knowledge. Nothing can be worse than having your child watch the rest of the class enjoy a yummy treat while the teacher gives them a Jolly Rancher as a poor substitute. In my experience it's best to be proactive for these types of situations and leave a box of emergency treats in the classroom.

Depending on the specific allergies your child has you can assemble a box of their favorite safe candy and/or baked treats to leave in the classroom for the surprise celebrations. Unfortunately, if you don't want to swap out the box every week you'll be confined to filling it with processed foods with longer shelf lives. Other options include baking treats and freezing them. Some schools will allow you to keep a box in the school freezer. This will give you about two months before having to refill the box with fresh treats. A last ditch idea, while not ideal or even possible for some parents, is to bake treats at home and keep them in your home freezer. When treats unknowingly arrive in the classroom, the teacher can call or email and you can run a treat into the school.

Leaving a child out of a classroom celebration can be heartbreaking for everyone involved, but most especially for that child. No one wants them to think they are not deserving to celebrate just because they have a food allergy. So as school starts this year plan ahead for your child and provide for them to have a safe treat when those inevitable celebrations occur.

For families living in Las Vegas, Dreamy Desserts Nut Free Bakery will begin delivering treats for the 16/17 school year directly to school front offices without charging a delivery fee in an effort to offer yet another solution for safe classroom treats for all. Parents can order the treats in advance and inform the bakery of the food allergies that need to be accommodated in the classroom. Dreamy Desserts is a dedication peanut and tree nut free bakery. They are able to accommodate other food allergies as well but are not a dedicated "free from" facility for anything other than nuts. They require 7-days advance notice and offer mini or regular size cupcakes, baked donuts, cake pops or cookies for classroom celebrations. Visit for more information about Dreamy Desserts.


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